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Border Officer Smuggled Babysitter Across the Border: Feds


A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer allegedly used a colleague’s computer login to sneak her undocumented housekeeper into Texas from Mexico after circumventing COVID-19 non-essential travel restrictions by scheduling an appointment for the woman to donate plasma at a clinic just over the U.S. border.

The officer, identified in a federal criminal complaint as Rhonda Lee Walker, is stationed in Laredo, TX. The woman Walker allegedly employed, identified in the complaint as Mexican citizen Yadira Yesenia Trevino-SanMiguel, does not have permission to work or reside in the U.S., the complaint says.

Criminal misconduct by U.S. border officers recently reached a five-year high, according to U.S. government data. The list of offenses ranges from assault and capital murder to fraud and corruption. Corruption is not a new issue for CBP—a 2015 audit found CBP officers are arrested for corruption at rates that “far exceed, on a per capita basis, such arrests at other federal law enforcement agencies.”

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Source: Border Officer Smuggled Babysitter Across the Border: Feds

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