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This Is My Third Mother’s Day—These Are the 31 Presents I’d Actually Like

I’ll admit that previously I’ve been a little puritanical about the kind of Mother’s Day gifts I’m open to receiving. “They must be practical!” I’d tell my husband, as if by the very fact that I had birthed a human that I no longer deserved “fun” or “silly” items that had no sensible purpose. In a turn around that will surprise absolutely no one who has been through the past year (so, quite literally, the whole world), I’m craving frivolousness.

I don’t want useful placemats or serving bowls that are really a present for the whole family, I want seductive perfumes and bright lipsticks and oversized throws (which will inevitably be introduced to sticky yoghurt-covered hands). I’ve got my eye on a GHD hot brush tool that will help me achieve a K-Mids level blow dry, even though I’m going no where. I also spied a set of six pink candles that are for no one else to look at other than me.  If you find yourself in the same position this year, then come take a look at all the below gifts I’ve spotted that are great for any kind of budget you’re working with. The truth is, I am absolutely happy with a card, but after the past 12 months, if you want something a little more then feel free to copy and paste this link to your other half and drop big hints about what you’d like. Keep scrolling for the 31 presents I’d actually like this Mother’s Day.

A great way to make every place your home look pretty.

Dried flowers are having a moment. 

For you to put chocolates in that only you’re allowed to eat. 

A way to make your home office look chic. 

You can never have enough stationery. 

Those dried flowers are calling. 

Smells like a summer holiday. 

Hands down, one of the best lipsticks I’ve ever owned. Also doesn’t budge. 

A timeless piece. 

Initial jewellery is trending right now. 

A great way to bring some joy into your home. 

Such a chic dressing gown. 

The closest thing I’m getting to a spa right now. 


Joyful blooms. 

I guarantee your skin will thank you for this. 

Easily the best moisturiser I’ve used in recent years. 

A rose perfume that beats all the others. 

This actually looks designer.

One of my favourite lingerie brands. 

Leather blazers are having a moment. Plus, this is wipe clean. 

A great spring knit. 

Get your summer holiday fix here. 

For when you want some peace and quiet. 


You might not have anywhere to wear this now, but when you can, you’re going to look amazing. 

OK, these are pretty practical but they’re also very on trend. 

A case of 12 bottles of wine? Don’t mind if I do.

Either put this up as a wall hanging or drape over your bed. 

Easy blow dries incoming. 

Next up, the biggest spring/summer 2021 fashion trends to know. 

Source: This Is My Third Mother’s Day—These Are the 31 Presents I’d Actually Like

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