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Nick Jonas Revealed Bruce Springsteen Is His Dream Role For A Movie

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This weekend Nick Jonas released Spaceman — his first solo album in more than four years. He performed the project’s two singles, “Spaceman” and “This Is Heaven,” on an Saturday Night Live episode he hosted and later delivered a video for the former track. While Nick may not be focused on the next stage of his career just yet, the singer revealed that it would be a dream to portray Bruce Springsteen in a movie.

“Well, growing up in New Jersey, Bruce obviously has a special place in my heart and my creative life,” Jonas said during an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe. “And it is a dream of mine — and I’ll just go ahead and say it, hoping that it gets to the right ears — but it’s a dream of mine to play him in a movie one day and tell his story in some way that would be honoring to him and that he could be involved with.”

He also commended The Boss for the longevity of his career and the way he treats his fans. “[I] could only hope to have a career as lengthy as his and as important as his has been to people,” Jonas added. “And that was the thing that really stood out to me after going to a show is just, he’s been a champion for his fans his entire career, and you see it at the shows. It’s about them. Every moment’s about them, them having the best experience, best night of their week, their life, their year, whatever.”

You can watch the entire interview above.

Spaceman is out now via Island Records. Get it here.

Source: Nick Jonas Revealed Bruce Springsteen Is His Dream Role For A Movie

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