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Twitter May Get An Undo Tweet Function, But It Will Apparently Cost You

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The “undo tweet” function is something many users of the social media network Twitter have long asked for, and according to reports getting access to it will cost them. As The Verge detailed on Saturday, that function and more may come to the microblogging platform by way of Twitter Blue, a subscription service that will give users who opt in additional features the free version doesn’t have.

The news was shared by Jane Manchun Wong on, you guessed it, Twitter.

Twitter is working on “Undo Send” timer for tweets

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) March 5, 2021

Twitter is calling their upcoming Subscription Service “Twitter Blue”, priced at $2.99/month for now, including paid features like:

Undo Tweets:


— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) May 15, 2021

It doesn’t appear to be a true “edit” button, which is what many folks have long asked for. Rather, this appears to operate much like the “undo” function Google’s Gmail has in which it actually delays the sending of an email about a minute in case you change your mind or realize you forgot to include or edit something.

At $2.99 monthly, according to reports, it would be a small price to pay for power users who want additional ways to collect and view Tweets, not to mention additional failsafes in their own tweeting. Wong said it all seems to be part of the company’s recent acquisition of Scroll as well.

Tony Haile (@arctictony), former CEO of Scroll (now part of Twitter) has mentioned it’ll be “integrated into a broader Twitter subscription” in the acquisition announcement tweet,

confirming that Twitter Blue (or other tiers) will include the clutter-free news-reading experience

— Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) May 15, 2021

Twitter Blue was the talk of the platform on Saturday, with people making jokes about the features and, of course, asking for an edit button as well.

pov: you have twitter blue

— lullaby (⚬⃔⚬ℕ⚬⃔⚬) (@fuIImoonlullaby) May 15, 2021

If you see someone with Twitter Blue you are legally obligated to mock them

— Nam Lemonade (To b vaxxed: May 28th) (@NAMCOnade) May 15, 2021

Yeah keep asking for an edit button watch they're gonna add it to Twitter Blue

— 𝄠𝄈𒐞𒑰𒊩™ (@Kidveil) May 15, 2021

The news is the latest change the platform has added to the social media network, following the more official announcement of a “tip jar” function for people to pay other Twitter users directly for their content. But in this case, it seems the company is asking people to pay them for a few new fun abilities while they tweet.

Source: Twitter May Get An Undo Tweet Function, But It Will Apparently Cost You

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